Alabama Maps is an ongoing project of the Cartographic Research Laboratory, which operates under the auspices of the College of Arts and Sciences at The University of Alabama.

This web site is divided into four sections: the Contemporary Map Index, the Historical Map Archive, Interactive Maps, and the Aerial Photography Index.

Contemporary Map Index
     The Cartographic Research Laboratory has been creating computer generated maps since the early 1990's. Rather than maintaining these maps in digital archives, we felt that it would be more useful to us and to the public if we made these maps freely available on the Internet.  We believe that the maps will be particularly valuable to educators and the business community while, at the same time, allowing us a means of communicating our services to potential clients.

     The maps available on this site may be used free of charge by anyone for any purpose.  Our only caveats are that we be cited as the map's source and that the map not be modified in any way.  Also, we would appreciate being notified if our maps are used in a publication, just for our own edification!

Historical Map Archive

     The Historical Map Archive is a digitized collection of selected map holdings from the University of Alabama Map Library, the W. S. Hoole Special Collections Library, the Rucker Agee Collection of the Birmingham Public Library, the Geological Survey of Alabama, and the Alabama Department of Archives and History. We are indebted to these organizations for their cooperation in facilitating the introduction of these digitial maps to the Internet.

     Maps located in the Historical Map Archive may be used in publication only if permission is given by the map owner. This information can be found under the heading "Original Source" in the information for each map. Interested parties may contact us at , and we will be happy to provide the owner's contact information.

Aerial Photography Index
     The Aerial Photography Index contains a digitized selection of historic aerial photography found at the Geological Survey of Alabama and the University of Alabama Map Library. The photos found in this index are but a small part of the total collection of nearly 150,000 photographs housed in these facilities.
      The vast majority of these photos have a scale of 1:20,000. The notation (Color Infrared) located beside the name of the photo denotes it as a color infrared photo.

     Aside from a counter, we have no way to gauge our usefulness to the public at large.  Feel free to give us feedback on our site by using the "Feedback" button visible on the crimson navigation bar at the top of every page, or by simply sending us an email at . We are especially interested in meeting the needs of classroom educators and will strive to create and post maps for their use.  Keep checking back with us for new maps.