Maps on Our Site
The maps on our site are compressed using a technology called MrSID. As this format cannot be natively displayed by a web browser, the images must be viewed using one of two methods: JPEG and Plugin.

The advantage of this option lies in universal compatibility and speed. Our server dynamically converts our compressed files into JPEG images, which can then be displayed in any browser on any operating system. Because there is no software to load, the viewing experience is much faster.
Downloading and installing the MrSID plugin (link located at the bottom right-hand corner of each page in the Historical Map Archive) will allow for greater control over the image. Right-clicking on the image will bring up a list of available options.

Problems Viewing our Maps

If you are having trouble viewing our maps, please review the following list:

  1. Some users have reported browser "timeouts" when trying to view maps on our site. The pop-up window either stays white, or an error message is displayed. We are currently researching the causes of this problem, and hope to arrive at a solution soon.

    Jack Marler of St. Louis University has sent in the following solution:

    I have managed, however, to discover a convenient method by which to gain access to the historical maps at your web site. By going to the proxy server at, by entering where it says "Enter URL," and by clicking on the button marked "Surf Anonymously," I find that I have no difficulty at all in viewing anything on your web site either in JPEG or in MrSid format. This procedure may work with other proxy servers as well. Anyone going to through a proxy server should probably adjust his or her browser settings to accept pop-up windows.

  2. Our maps can only be viewed online (no downloading).
  3. The maps on this site may take some time to load, depending on both the speed of your computer and your Internet connection.

If your problem was not addressed in this list, use the feature to report your problem. We will attempt to aid you in troubleshooting.

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