U.S. Electoral College

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Electoral votes by state.
Mean Republican Vote in Presidential Elections, 1984-1996

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Mean Republican vote in Presidential elections, 1984-1996.

Frequency of States Voting for Successful Presidential Candidates through 13 Elections, 1948-1996.

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Frequency of states voting for successful Presidential candidates through 13 elections, 1948-1996.
State Vote Agreement with Presidential Election, 1984-1996

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State vote agreement with Presidential election, 1984-1996.

Federal Judicial Circuits and Districts

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Federal Judicial circuits and districts.
House Vote on G.A.T.T., November 24, 1994

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Cartogram depicting the results of the House Vote on the General Agreement on Tarriffs and Trade.

Percent of House Delegation Voting for G.A.T.T.

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Cartogram showing the percent of House Delegation voting for GATT.
Senate Vote on G.A.T.T.

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Cartogram depicting  the outcome of the Senate vote on GATT.

Percent of Legislators Which are Women, 1996

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Cartogram depicting the percent of state legislators which are women.  1996.
Percent of Legislators Which are Women, 1998

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Cartogram depicting the percent of state legislators which are women.  1998.

Percent of Population Adhering to Conservative Christian Denominations, 1990

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A cartogram showing the percentage of population adhering to Conservative Christian denominations.
Change in Apportionment of Congressional Seats, 1922-1992

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Cartogram depicting the change in Congressional seat apportionment from 1922-1992.

Voter Turnout for 1996 Presidential Election

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Map depicting the voter turnout for the 1996 Presidential election.