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Historical Atlas of Alabama Volume II: Cemetery Locations by County, 3rd Edition (New 2014!!!)
View an excerpt: PDF (297kb)

     The second installment of our Historical Atlas of Alabama series focuses on the locations of Alabama cemeteries for all 67 counties.  Cemeteries are plotted on a county by county basis on color maps with an accompanying spreadsheet of remarks.  The spreadsheet includes information on church affiliation, approximate number of graves, first and last interments, common surnames, and unique or particularly interesting aspects about the cemetery  that add to the history of each county. Examples of this might include pioneering settlers, famous persons, unique tombstones, military heroes, etc.

     This work is 688 pages in length and perfect bound.  It contains a gazetteer of places and an alphabetical listing of all cemeteries found within the volume.  The Atlas can be purchased as a whole or on a county by county basis.  In addition to the material from Volume II, county by county material will include excerpts from the Historical Atlas of Alabama, Volume I: Historical Locations by County. Counties will be comb-bound and customized for each order. If your interests exceed 19 counties, it would be more economical to purchase the entire volume (see order for cost information).

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Statistical Atlas of Alabama, 3rd Edition
View an excerpt: Map PDF (93kb), Spreadsheet PDF (10kb)

     The second edition of the Statistical Atlas of Alabama is a 2012 updated version of a work originally completed in 1992. It focuses on current demographic and economic data on a statewide basis, allowing for comparisons between counties. The atlas contains both 2000 and 2010 Census statistics which reflect upon changes in the state.

     This is a spiral-bound volume of 327 pages. The atlas's fourteen chapters include information on: population characteristics, age, housing, employment, income, family characteristics, education, health and medicine, politics, agriculture, climate, transportation, and Alabama cities.

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Alabama in the 1860's
Montgomery Area: JPEG (157kb), Montgomery Inset: JPEG (196kb)

     This is a full color wall map depicting Alabama as it appeared in the 1860's.  It measures 34x50 inches at a scale of 1:475,000 (1 inch = 7.5 miles), and features towns, principal roads and water bodies compiled from several map sources dating from the period.  The map includes insets of the cities of Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery, and Selma.  The map is laminated, but can be purchased in a non-laminated format upon request.

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Historical Atlas of Alabama Volume I: Historical Locations by County, 3rd Edition ( 2010)
View an excerpt: PDF (404kb)

     The focus of this first installment of our Historical Atlases of Alabama series is historic places of communication and commerce, such as post offices, river fords, ferries and landings, bridges, forts, Indian villages and dead towns. Locations documented in this atlas are rarely found on current federal and state basemaps.

     This work is 441 pages in length, soft bound and in black and white. It contains historic population statistics for each county and incorporated places within the state. Wherever possible, annotated remarks were presented to highlight the historical significance of places. A gazetteer of all historic and current place names found in the atlas is also provided

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