About the Cartographic Research Laboratory

     The Cartographic Research Laboratory , established in 1982, is a self-supporting, nonprofit facility, receiving funding through the sale of our publications and projects from clientele. Adjoining the University Map Library and Place Names Research Center, the lab is ideally situated to handle a multitude of mapping tasks.
     The lab staff is made up of graduate and undergraduate students pursuing degrees in geography. The lab supervisor, Craig Remington, oversees all projects to completion.
     We provide custom mapping and GIS services for private and public clients. Many of our maps are published in books and scientific journals including titles by the University of Alabama Press and Alabama Heritage Magazine.
     We provide spatial analytical services for economic development, site selection and grant proposals. We have done extensive work preparing reports for litigation dealing with political redistricting and fair housing disputes.
     We are also very much involved in providing educational resources for public and private teachers throughout the state of Alabama.
     An advantage to students working in the Cart Lab is the wide variety of projects in which they may be involved. If a map or spatial analysis is required to communicate an idea or solve a problem, our students look forward to taking on the task.

Laboratory Staff

Craig Remington   BS from Florida State University, 1976. MS from Florida State University, 1981. He has been supervisor of the Cartographic Research Lab and an adjunct professor since 1984.

Student Staff:

Melissa Meyer

  Geography MS Student, from Manalapan, NJ

Laboratory Alumni

Jimmy Hilley   from Hartselle, AL
Lauren Crain   from Tuscaloosa, AL
Kelly Koenig   from Tuscaloosa, AL
Andrew Vinson   from Clarksville, TN
Laura Wesley   from Perote, AL
Jake Pettus   from Blountsville, AL
Amy Catherine Anderson   from Athens, AL
Alex Fries   from Dothan, AL
Amber "Aywen" Chan   from Norman, OK
Benjamin Hand   from Las Vegas, NV
    If you are an alumnus of the Cartographic Reserach Lab and would like to be added to this list, shoot us an email with an update at cartlab@ua.edu.

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