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The Canebrake of the Black Belt in 1850


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The Canebrake of the Black Belt in 1850.
Alabama in 1827


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Alabama in 1827.

Alabama's Railway System, 1861


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Alabama's railroad system in 1861.
Alabama's Railway System, 1865


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Alabama's railroad system in 1865.

Alabama's Railway System, 1873


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Alabama's railroad system in 1873.
Alabama's Railway System, 1873


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Alabama's railroad system in 1890.

Alabama's Railway System, 1950


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Alabama's railroad system in 1950.
Early Forts of Alabama


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Early forts of Alabama.

Indian Villages and Forts of the Coosa-Tallapoosa River Region


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Indian villages and early forts of the Coosa-Tallapoosa region.
Major Coal Mining Towns of the Birmingham Mineral District: 1900-1920

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Major coal mining towns of the Birmingham Mineral District between 1900 and 1920.

Railroads and Communities Involved in the Iron and Steel Industry

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Jefferson County, Alabama: Railroad and communities involved in the iron and steel industry.
Railroad Network of Birmingham, 1907


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Birmingham's railroad network in 1907.

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