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Acreage in Cropland, 1997


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Acreage in cropland by county, 1997.
Cropland Acreage Change by County


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Cropland acreage change by county, 1978-1997.

Farms with Sales Greater than $100,000

Farm Sales

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Farms with sales greater than $100,000.
Farm Tractors, 1997


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Number of farm tractors by county, 1997.

Irrigated Cropland, 1997

Irrigated Cropland

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Irrigated cropland by county, 1997.
Change in Total Number of Farms, 1978-1997


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Change in total number of farms by county, 1978-1997.

Farm Ownership by Blacks, 1997

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Farm ownership by blacks in 1997.
Total Cash Receipts from Farm and Forest Industry, 1999

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Total cash reciepts from farm and forest industry, 1999.

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