1. Alanant-o-wamiowee(Buffalo Path) 64. The Old Road from the Tennessee River to Georgia
2. The Big Bone Lick and Little Miami Trail 65. The Chakchiuma Trails
3. The Licking Route 66. Gaines’s Trace(according to Royce)
4. The Big Bone-Blue Lick Trail 67. General Jackson’s Old Military Road
5. The Wilderness Road 68. Route of General Jackson’s expedition against the Indians in 1787
6. Old Road from Fort Washington to Tennessee 69. Route from Tombigbee River to the mouth of the Arkansas
7. Old Kentucky State Road 70. Route followed by General Cox’s Army (Melish map, 1814)
8. Pioneer Road from Harrodsburg to the Falls of the Ohio 71. Long Island and Trenton(Lookout Mountain Town) Trail.
9. Pioneer Road from Lexington to the Falls of the Ohio 72. The Chattanooga-Willstown Road
10. Trail between Duck River and Beech River, Tennessee 73. The Old Creek Path
11. The Bolivar and Memphis Trail 74. The Old Path from Fort Charlotte to the Cherokee Country
12. The West Tennessee Chickasaw Trail 75. The Sequatchie Trail
13. The Cisco and Savannah Trail 76. The Old Cherokee Trading Path
14. The Cisco and Middle Tennessee Trail 77. The Lower Cherokee Traders’ Path prior to 1775
15. The Brownsville, Fort Ridge and Hale’s Point Trail 78. The Old South Carolina State Road to the North
16. The Mississippi and Tennessee River Trail 79. The trail from Fort Moore(Augusta) to Charleston
17. The Lower Harpeth and West Tennessee Trail 80. The Occaneechi Path
18. The Duck River and Northeast Mississippi Trail 81. The trail from Charleston to Fort Charlotte
19. The Natchez Trace or the Middle Tennessee Chickasaw Trace 82. The trail from Augusta to Savannah
20. The Great South Trail 83. The trail from Charleston to Savannah
21. The Cisca and St. Augustine Trail 84. The trail from Savannah to Jacksonville
22. The Nickajack Trail 85. The trail from St. Augustine and Jacksonville to Apalachee Bay
23. The Black Fox Trail 86. The trail from Tugaloo to Apalachee Bay
24. The Cumberland and Ohio Falls Trail 87. The Old Indian Path between Coosa and Tugaloo
25. The Cumberland and Great Lakes Trail 88. The Wilmington, High Point, and Northern Trail
26. The Cumberland Trace 89. The Occonee Path
27. The Chickamauga Path 90. The Cherokee Path
28. The East and West Trail 91. The trail from Natchez to the Lower Creeks
29. The Tennessee River, Ohio, and Great Lakes Trail 92. The trail from Natchez to New Orleans
30. The Clinch River and Cumberland Gap Trail 93. The trail from Bay St. Louis to the Choctaw
31. The Great Indian Warpath 94. The trail from Augusta to the Cherokee via Fort Charlotte
32. 32a.,32b.,32c. The Warriors’ Path in Kentucky 95. Trail between Pearl River and Lake Pontchartrain
33. The Catawba Trail 96. Trail between Natchez and Lake Pontchartrain
34. The Old Waterloo Road 97. Trail between the Tunica and Lake Pontchartrain
35. The Unicoi Turnpike 98. Trail East form Baton Rouge
36. The Chesapeake Branch of the Great Indian Warpath 99. The trail from Mobile to Natchez
37. The Old Cherokee Path to Virginia 100. The Natchez and Texas Trail
38. The Tuckaleechee and Southeastern Trail 101. Trail between Natchez and the Atchafalaya
39. Rutherford’s War Trace 102. The Tallapoosa Trail
40. The Nashville-Saline River Trail 103. Trail between Columbia and Liberty, Mississippi
41. The Russellville-Shawneetown Trail 104. The Chickasaw-Tunica Old Fields Trail
42. The Palmyra-Princeton Trail 105. The Memphis, Pontotoc, and Mobile Bay Trail
43. The Russellville-Hopkinsville Trail 106. Trail from the Upper Creeks to Pensacola
44. The Clarksville-Hopkinsville Trail 107. Trail from St. Augustine to the mouth of Flint River
45. Boones’ Trail from the Yadkin River to Boonesborough 108. Trail from Palatka to Jacksonville
46. The Saura-Saponi Trail 109. Trail from Picolata to Jacksonville
47. Trail from Bermuda Hundred to Amelia 110. Trail from Augusta to St. Augustine
48. The trail between Pamunkey and New Rivers 111. Old Trading Path from the Savannah to Pensacola
49. Pioneer Road from Petersburg to Tar River 112. The Alabama-Chickasaw Trail
50. Pioneer Road between Virginia and Roanoke River 113. The Okfuskee Trail
51. Pioneer Road between Virginia and Albemarle Sound 114. The Middle Creek Trading Path
52. The New River and Southern Trail 115. The trail from Selma to Mobile
53. The Catawba and Northern Trail 116. Trail from Winyah Bay to the Cheraws
54. The Big Sandy Trail 117. Trail from Charleston to Winyah Bay
55. 55a. The Guyandot Trail 118. Trail from Mobile to the Lower Creeks
56. The Coal River Trail 119. The Middle Memphis-Pontotoc Trail
57. The Paint Creek Trail 120. The Cotton Gin Port, St. Stephens, and Mobile Bay Trail
58. The New River and Cumberland Gap Trail 121. The Choctaw and Mobile Bay Middle Route
59. 59a., 59b. Trail along the North Fork of Tug River 122. Trail from Alachua to Tampa Bay
60. The Lower Creek Trading Path 123. The Southern St. Augustine-Apalachee Trail
61. The Augusta, Macon, Montgomery, and Mobile Trail 124. The Alabama, Choctaw, and Natchez Trail
62. Route of General Jackson’s army when invading the Creek country 125. The Alabama and Mobile Trail
63. Hightower Path