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  Map of the State of Pennsylvania   1:1,349,570
  Outline Map of Huntington and Blair Counties   1:221,760
  Alleghany, Blair County   1:39,600
  Duncanville, Foot of Ten, Bells Mills, Fostoria & Tipton, Blair County : various
  Antis, Blair County   1:39,600
  Blair & Newry, Blair County   1:39,600
  Hollidaysburg & Extension of Hollidaysburg, Blair County   1:3,600
  Catharine, Blair County   1:39,600
  Frankstown, Blair County   1:39,600
  Freedom and East Freedom, Blair County   1:39,600
  Greenfield and Claysburg, Blair County   1:39,600
  Huston, Blair County   1:39,600
  Juniata, Blair County   1:39,600
  Logan, East Altoona, Calvertville & McCartneyville, Altoona City, Blair County   1:39,600
  Official Map of Altoona, Blair County   1:5,760
  West Altoona, Blair County   1:5,940
  Fairview, Altoona City, Blair County   1:3,000
  Belleview, Hamilton's Extension, Caldwell's Extension (Altoona) Wapsononic, Blair County   various
  North Woodberry, Martinsburg & Fredericksburg, Blair County   various
  Snyder, Blair County   1:59,400
  Tyrone, Blair County   1:3,960
  Grazierville, Blair County   1:5,940
  Tyrone Forges, Ironville & East Tyrone, Blair County   1:3,960
  Taylor & East Stroudsburg, Blair County   1:39,600
  Tyrone & Roaring Spring, Blair County   various
  Woodberry & Williamsburg, Blair County   various
  Barree, Manor Hill, Huntington County   1:39,600
  Brady & Mill Creek, Huntington County   various
  Carbon, Broadtop City, & Coalmont, Huntington County   various
  Dudley & Barnettstown, Huntington County   1:3,960
  Cass, Cassville & Three Springs, Huntington County   various
  Clay, Huntington County   1:39,600
  Cromwell, Orbisonia & Saitillo, Huntington County   various
  Dublin, Snade Gap, McAlevy's Fort & Ennisville, Huntington County   various
  Franklin, Spruce Creek & Franklinville, Huntington County   1:39,600
  Henderson, Huntington County   1:39,600
  Jackson, Huntington County   1:59,400
  Juniata, Huntington County   1:39,600
  Lincoln & Hopewell, Huntington County   1:39,600
  Morris, Shaffersville & Water Street, Huntington County   1:39,600
  Oneida, Huntington County   1:39,600
  First, Second & Third Wards of Huntington County   1:59,400
  Forth Ward of Huntington, Grafton & Marklesburg, Huntington County   1:3,600
  Penn, Huntington County   1:39,600
  Porter & Alexandria, Huntington County   various
  Shirley, Huntington County   1:39,600
  Mt. Union, Huntington County   1:3,960
  Shirleysburg, Huntington County   1:3,960
  Springfield, Huntington County   1:39,600
  Tell & Todd, Huntington County   various
  Union & Mapleton, Huntington County   various
  Warriors Mark, Huntington County   1:3,960
  McConnellstown, Warriors Mark & Birmingham, Huntington County   various
  Walker, Huntington County   1:39,600
  West, Petersburg, Neffs Mills & Fairfield, Huntington County   various

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