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Northern Pacific Railroad

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  Main Author:   Harpers Weekly
  Title/Description:   Map Showing the Route of the Northern Pacific Railroad
  Publication Info:   Harpers Weekly, January 21, 1871
  Date:   1871
  Scale:   1:8,337,000
  Original Source:  

Birmingham Public Library Cartography Collection

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  Main Author:   Patten, William and J.E. Homas
  Title/Description:   The Northern Pacific Railroad
  Publication Info:   New York: P.F. Collier and Son, 1909; from The New Encyclopedic Atlas and Gazetteer of the World
  Date:   1909
  Scale:   1: 10,138,000
  Original Source:   University of Alabama Map Library
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  Main Author:   U.S. Geological Survey
  Title/Description:   Guidebook of the Western United States Part A, The Northern Pacific Route (St. Paul, Minnesota to Seattle, Washington)
  Publication Info:   Washington: Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey, 1915; from Bulletin 611 Sheet 1-27
  Date:   1915
  Scale:   1:500,000
  Original Source:   Geological Survey of Alabama
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