Historical Maps from the Civil War

  Main Author:   Bayol, Julius H.  
  Title/Description:   Battlefield of the 31st May and 1st June, 1862. Battle of Seven Pines, 5th Ala. Infantry Regt.
  Publication Info:   Unpublished, hand drawn.
  Date:   no date
  Scale:   not indicated
  Original Source:   Alabama Department of Archives and History
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  Main Author:    
  Title/Description:   The Besieged and Doomed City of Richmond - The Approaches and Defences of the Rebel Capital. The Positions, Forts, and Camps of the Enemy Closely Invested by the Union Troops. Scene of the Late Victory at Seven Pines and Hooker's Picket Fight of the 25th
  Publication Info:   Philadelphia: The Philadelphia Inquier, 1862; from, the front Page of the edition dated Saturday, June 28, 1862
  Date:   1862
  Scale:   not indicated
  Original Source:   Courtesy of Murray Hudson, Halls, Tennessee
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