Historical Maps from the Civil War

  Main Author:    
  Title/Description:   The Battle at Murfreesboro, Tennessee (December 31, 1862 - Jan 2, 1863) 
  Publication Info:   Unpublished, hand drawn
  Date:   no date
  Scale:   1:63,000
  Original Source:   Alabama Department of Archives and History
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  Main Author:    
  Title/Description:   Murfreesboro and Its Surroundings
  Publication Info:   New York: The New-York Times, 1863; from the front page of the edition dated Tuesday, January 6, 1863
  Date:   1863
  Scale:   1:20,000
  Original Source:   Courtesy of Murray Hudson, Halls, Tennessee
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  Main Author:   Mergell, C.S. and Paul Kuntze
  Title/Description:   Topographical Sketch of the Battlefield of Stone River Near Murfreesboro, Tenn.
  Publication Info:   Louisville: Hart and Mapother, c. 1863
  Date:   1863
  Scale:   1:31,680
  Original Source:   A.S. Williams III Americana Collection Library
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